Overthinking: The Easy Part Of Golf

I think you can tell by the title alone exactly what I’m going to say in this post!

I have been working on my swing relentlessly over the past few weeks. I have scrutinized everything about the takeaway, the backswing, the transition, impact…you name it, I’ve looked at it 10,000 times. The security cameras on my house get a workout since I go back and watch my swing every time I’m outside with a club in my hands because it seems like that would be an optimal situation. I won’t be making my best efforts on those swings because I won’t be aware of the cameras. Genius, right?

All that hard work has led to a single conclusion, though. I

I am SERIOUSLY overthinking it.

The golf swing isn’t as complicated as it sounds and not nearly as difficult as modern instruction makes it seem, I can promise you that much. I re-watched my 9 hole course vlog where I had played very quickly just to see how well I can do under the pressure of having to move a camera around and set up before each shot on a busy Saturday morning in the summer. I saw something when I reached hole 3 and the angle on my tee shot changed, because the tee box slopes down into a main road just behind where I was standing. It was there I noticed that my grip was MCS, my stance was *almost* MCS (could’ve use a touch more right side tilt) and the backswing was just about what I’ve been looking for. It would have been pretty much ideal if I was tilted a bit more. And then, BAM! I saw it.

If you slow the video down and watch my move from the top, the lateral shift is there, just EVERYTHING goes with it. Instead of stomping my foot down and dropping behind while my hips are shifting and starting to turn a bit, I take everything with me and have to maneuver myself out of the way to get the ball to go. I typically end up hitting a fade with the driver all day, likely because of how I am able to get myself just enough clearance with my OTT move that it doesn’t slice completely. Some shots are gentle fades, some are power fades, but nothing that is a complete slice. My irons are the opposite all that day too. The face to super closed at impact because I’m not behind the ball and it leads me to hitting a lot of draws and one big hook.

That is a breakthrough for me, I should think. I’ve now kind of identified that biggest troublemaker in my swing and I can really set myself to working on it.

I’ll admit that I don’t really do the exercises that DJ gives us in the MCS videos because I almost always have a club in my hand, but I will be making an effort to get myself an appropriately weighted kettlebell this weekend to really optimize my in-home practice and finally start getting that transition right!

Ah, the magic of YouTube and the .25 speed setting!

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