Swing Check & Game Time

I finally got a chance to shoot a quick video of two swing and send it over to DJ from WaxGolf and have him tell me where I was going off.

It was a surprise to me that one of the major fundamentals had all but disappeared from me swing and that was likely what was causing me my swing woes. I was having good days and bad days, good shots and bad shots. It’s interesting how things come together.

I sent the video and just after it, I found my copy of “How To Kill The Ball”, which is Dan Shauger’s book on the Mike Austin Method. At the time I had purchased it, I was having a seriously difficult time understanding what it was that he was trying to explain. I think perhaps that was because I was still under the impression that I was supposed to rotate through and that the basis of the golf swing depended on rotation. I read a few chapters again, started watching my E=MCS videos again and slowly, things started to feel back to normal.

Here’s one thing that seriously helped:

The weight transfer to the left side is one of the things that I have struggled with. I watched a bunch of Mike Austin videos, because DJ has said that the MA method and E=MCS are 90% the same. I sometimes need a few different ways of explanation for things to make sense and watching all the video I could find of Mike Austin definitely helped me grasp the weight shift a little better.

Following that swing check from last week, I’ve started to hit the range again. This weekend I will be playing 18 with a couple buddies of mine, so I hope that I’ll be able to shoot some video of the round and see how I’m doing. I also plan to hit the driving range again this week, and that should give me a chance to get a few videos as well. I have work to do, but at least I know that it might be something as simple as just fixing the fundamentals!

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