Mid-Day Back 9

The weather in NC was glorious yesterday!

We hit a high of about 73 degrees and there was a touch of wind that made it the absolute perfect day to get out and play a few holes. The course in my neighborhood had the front 9 closed for maintenance, so I decided to just play the 9 instead of driving 7 minutes to the other course nearby and playing a full 18.

The day went fairly well after a few adjustments. I think I really do need to get out and warm up before a round if I’m looking to play my best. There were a few shots here and there that had me thinking perhaps I haven’t actually ever swung a club before and the times I remember swinging one were actually The Matrix simulating good swings.

Highlight of the 9: I hit a bad, high cutting driver to the right side rough on the first of two Par 5’s on the back 9 of this course. I was about 3 feet from the fairway and the ball was sitting up very well. There was a foursome in front of me that didn’t want to let me play through despite them playing slowly and poorly, and because only the 9 was open I didn’t want to go around and try to double back because of how the course is laid out. Lot of driving.

I took out the rangefinder and scoped the distance the flag as 265 yards. With the quality lie my ball was in, I knew it was a “green light” shot. I took 3 wood and hit it to the front left fringe, a total of about 18-24 inches off the green. I putted to the hole because the fringe here is dry and tight, plus the greens were running fast even after being sanded. The putt was about 65 feet. The ball STOPPED as if it hit a small hill about 2 inches from dropping into the cup. That would have been my first Eagle had the ball dropped, but I’m not one to shun a Birdie any day.

All in all, it was a good time and it helped identify some things I could be working on for the next round!

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