2019 Golf Season

I have to say, 2019 is off the such a strange start.

In North Carolina, the weather is incredibly unpredictable in the Winter and this year is no exception. Today the high is 68 degrees, and there’s a light wind blowing. That’s perfect golfing weather in my book. I had planned to find my way to a golf course this weekend to play 18 holes…and then I find out that the high on Saturday and Sunday is 41 degrees and there is a chance of snow on both days! How is a man supposed to play golf in this weather?!

Today, however, I believe that I will make some time to hit the driving range and swing the club a few times and see how things are working so far.

I’ve made some major swing changes since picking the game up again and I have been working on a new swing for the last couple months. I will do a separate blog/vlog on the subject, but I have to admit now that I’m fairly surprised with how it’s been working out for me. I don’t buy into mumbo jumbo and hype, and there was not much of either surrounding this particular teacher and way of swinging. I did my research and even tried out a couple of other methods of learning (namely Me And My Golf as well as Top Speed Golf) before stumbling across this coach. I did six months on each of those aforementioned websites before finding and switching over to my current “coach” and I am happy I did…but that’s venturing to far into the blog/vlog territory, so let’s leave it at that for now and we will get back to that later.

The goal for this year is to get my swing together and work on my putting and short game to make sure that all the parts of my game are working correctly. I’m also going to work on getting my official handicap card so I can start working my way to having a low enough handicap to start trying to qualify for tournaments. I hope to find some time in the late Summer, early Autumn to play a few of the small local tournaments and see how things go. I also have a few tournaments that my company usually plays in that I’m sure we will place much better in if I can get my game in better shape. Sometimes it gets tough carrying the team!

Until the next time.

The Journey Begins

The beginning is a good place to start, I should think, and that’s precisely where we are going to begin this journey.

I welcome you all to The Joy of Putting and hope that you will find something of interest to keep you coming back.

The easiest way to begin would be to tell you why I’m evening starting this journey. That’s an easy one. It’s because I really do enjoy the game of golf and I want to play the best that I am capable of just for my enjoyment. There’s something to maximizing one’s skill at something in the pursuit of utmost enjoyment. Or more simply: The better I play, the more I want to play.

I do have some goals along the way, of course. No blog would be complete without a solid purpose that defines it. I do have the ultimate goal of trying (and hopefully succeeding) in qualifying for a Web.com Tour or a PGA Tour event at some point. I also want to play and win some local tournaments. I would love to find a way to play my way onto the Champions Tour later in life…and I think 18 more years of practice should give me plenty of time to prepare.

Still, I appreciate you taking the time to join me on the journey and look forward to really diving in!