About Me

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Hello boys and girls! Thanks for tuning in, and welcome to The Joy of Putting!

Golf has always been a part of my life.

I can remember watching my favorite golfers as a child and continuing to watch, even though I had never played all the way up into my late teens. I always rooted for Chi-Chi, Fred, and in later years, Phil.

I took up the sport at 18 for a few months before life made it hard to find time to play. After suffering a L5 disc herniation at 22, I was not doing much walking, let alone swinging a golf club!

A month after turning 30, I found myself watching the pros playing at Kapalua and suddenly was interested in playing again. I bought a cheap set of Wilson golf clubs and got to playing. I taught myself, watched hundreds of YouTube videos and tried to figure out the secret to the golf swing. Finally I found the help I was looking for and I haven’t looked back since.

I’ve been playing non-stop and always look forward to my next round of golf. I have set some goals for myself that include trying to qualify for the Rex Hospital Open, a Web.com Tour even that is played in my hometown of Raleigh, North Carolina.

If that doesn’t work out, at least I have a few years left before I try qualifying for the Champions Tour!

I will be offering blog updates, YouTube Vlogs on my clubs, my playing, my practice and (hopefully) full 18-hole Course Vlogs on every course I get the opportunity to play. I will also do some tournament vlogging as I enter and hopefully have someone to help me get some third-party footage.

Thanks for stopping by!