Sam Snead Was Right!

I think the title says everything. Sam Snead definitely knew what he was doing when he had a club in his hands.

I was horsing around with the MCS swing model because I have a TON of rhythm and tempo issues that I’m always trying to work out. Most of it is because I have a hard time getting over the “hit” impulse. I mean, it did take me several months to get past the “rotate, rotate, rotate” impulse. To me, rhythm is more the flow of the swing and the tempo is how quickly you are actually swinging…if you break it all down to basics.

Sam Snead has offered what I believe he considered his best tip when he said that everyone should be using a forward press when they start their swing. I found that the struggles I have in my swing stem from starting from a static position and going right into my swing. What I was doing was setting up, getting my right side bias and kicking in the knee and then a starting from the static position like I always have with my golf swing. I wish that I would have heard this tip before.

I decided to get myself *close* to the normal MCS stance (that being slightly angled, legs lightly flexed and bending at the hips) and then doing what Mr. Snead said. Now, I think most of us would argue that this is just the Mike Austin method, which is true. I just try to set up more like Snead than MA (because there is a difference to me) and then start by kicking in my right leg and lightly pushing on the shaft rather than actually leaning my hands forward. This move alone made my swing longer and more leisurely than it normally is.

So for anyone that is looking for something to help them get their rhythm and tempo flowing, this is a great place to start. I like that despite the fact there is an absolute optimal way to swing, there is room for some “improvisation”, if you will. DJ definitely knew what he was doing when he put together the MCS method and I hope he doesn’t mind too much that I am taking liberties and making it easier for me to slow my tempo down.

And speaking of Sam Snead….

I am also scouring eBay for old Sam Snead branded Wilson clubs from the 60’s and 70’s for my own practice. I really enjoy the length, lie angles and feel of the older blades, so I’ve been looking for the perfect clubs to add to my own collection to take out and play with. I have plans to attend some tournaments with my company this year and I thought it would be fun to be the only guy out there hitting old blades, and actual wooden woods/driver! I do have some balata balls I could take with me, but I think they’ll hit my Bridgestone B330S just fine. I’ll get some pictures in when I find the right set for me!

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