Range Work

I’ll be honest…I haven’t been playing near as often as I’d like to be.

Part of that is the weather. This year has been so strange. It’s rained more than I can ever recall and on the days that it isn’t raining, the course is having work done or I have a schedule so busy that I can barely manage to eat lunch, let alone leave a little early and play.

I have sated my need to hit golf balls by going to the range instead. My wife had to work a Saturday last week, which is rare in her line of work. I took that as an opportunity to drive the three blocks to the clubhouse and see if they had room for a single. Apparently the entire morning was booked with foursomes until about 11:30. Seeing as it was about 8:15, I decided to get the jumbo bucket of balls and head to the range instead.

I wasn’t working so much on distance as I was striking the ball solid. I was also working on my pivot. In the time since I was last at the range, I had a bit of a breakthrough with my grip that has changed how I deliver the club into the ball. You’re probably thinking exactly what I was thinking when it happened. Grip breakthrough? Who has one of those after all this time?! Answer: ME.

Anyway, at the range was great, with the exception of driver, which I believe the grip adjustment I’ve made will help. I also have a new driver coming in soon, so do keep your eyes peeled for pictures and my initial thoughts. Feels as if the shaft that is in my Bombtech Grenade 3.0 is a little too soft for me, which I might be able to fix by cutting it down about 1.25” to get it around 44.5”. That remains to be seen though!

Back to the range:

The wedges were working pretty good. The irons were mostly good, with the exception of one or two 4 irons that I hit poorly. Hybrid was a beast and 3 wood was even better. I actually burned a 3 wood a little over 245 carry that rolled up near the 265 mark. Quite an achievement for me. I did do little driving challenges against some of the guys that were on the practice tee with me, and that made it quite fun. I was able to avoid having to pick up driver to out-drive everyone, which I count as a good day. Good group of players in the neighborhood, so I’ve seen a few of them before and we’ve done similar challenges in the past.

I am planning to get out this weekend and play somewhere. Not sure where and whether or not it will be a full 18, but I will get some golf in. Also making plans to do a couple of videos to get things really started on the YouTube channel. I have a few review videos that I can do as well as a full “What’s In The Bag” type video and share what clubs, shafts and why I chose what I chose.

Until the next time!