The Masters 2019

I think its safe to say that we ALL were shocked watching Tiger do what he did Sunday at The Masters!

The Masters is my favorite tournament, followed closely by Pebble Beach and most of that is because of the courses themselves. Augusta National is a bear, although this year it seemed to be a little bit nicer than I recall. (Don’t trust my memory though, it has been known to be full of holes)

The most interesting this about this entire tournament was Tiger’s demeanor.

He was playing the “Elder Statesman” perfectly. He maintained his composure, made good club choices and was playing into his strengths. The Coach said it on his site: (paraphrased of course) Tiger has pretty much accepted that he doesn’t bomb it past everyone, so he’s gone to what weapons he does have. The Irons.

Tiger stuck some really good approach shots, He seems to have grasped the idea that it isnt about how far you hit it. If I were in his shoes and not wanting to switch to a Classic Golf swing, I’d refrain from pulling driver when possible. Also, I’d avoid any situation where you absolutely HAVE to kill the ball to get into a good position. He still hits it further than a lot of guys, he just needs to learn that he doesn’t have to be 20-50 yards further down. When he fully accepts that, he will start crushing the fields again. So far his back has held up, so that is a good thing. One can only hope that it still holds itself together while he adjusts to playing this new version of his game.

On the home front, golf is getting better.

I’ve been working on my putting stroke a little more. I have a bunch of different putters of varying lengths that I am known to circulate frequently. I typically carry two with me to every round I play to try to determine which is best for me. I think that the one I am using now is working well, but I may be cutting it down a little bit.

Outside of that, I am looking forward to hitting the course again to see how things are coming together. Now that its getting warmer, I have to wait for all the crazy Spring thunderstorms and such to pass!